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Social Media Training – Do You Know Your Online Customers?

Knowing your customers and how to target them through Social Media Training Course

Do you know who your customers are and where to find them online?

Are you using Social Media to target your customers?

Customers are the key to having a successful business. When you are writing your sales and marketing messages, content, a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn post or an email, you need to be able to picture who your customers are like they are a character in a book. If you struggle to describe your customers and where they are online, your marketing and sales efforts won’t be targeted.

In today’s world of responsive technology, if you want to find out where is the best place in town to eat, or which is the best energy or broadband provider for customer service, people ask online through a post on Social Media like Facebook or Twitter. They will read the online reviews written by people sharing their experiences of the products or services. Social Media is the online word of mouth. People trust other people to recommend good products, services, and companies. Knowing your customers is key to being a trusted company that people buy from and recommend.

Worldwide, there are over 1.94 billion* monthly active Facebook users and 319 million monthly active Twitter users.

700 million Instagrammers in April 2017 including 100 million new Instagram users since December 2016 and 467 million LinkedIn members around the world.

Social Media offers a large database to attract, target and engage with your customers. Understanding your customer audience and how they are connected online will help you target your communications online – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Tailoring your customer communications will help build trust between your customers and your business, growing your brand, business sales, and your profit.

Course Aim

To enable businesses, professionals and entrepreneurs to know and understand their customers, where to find them and how to engage them using Social Media.

Who is the course for?

This course is for business professionals and entrepreneurs seeking to understand and engage with their customers. Using the same Social Media channels as their customers are using to increase their products and services.

What knowledge will you gain?

By attending this course, you will learn how to:

  • Profile your existing customers, find out who they are, where they are, what they want and when.
  • Identify where your current and potential customers are online and which Social Media platforms they use – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • Engage with your customers online and know how your business offers added value to them – solves their problem.
  • Optimise your Social Media profile pages for your customers – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn (we will focus on two of these channels).
  • Put together a content plan aimed at your customers.
  • Schedule and deliver your content to your customers using online tools.


£195 per person including VAT


I’m happy to travel to train you at your location or in Salisbury, or London. Travel and venue costs will be on top of the training cost. A discount will be given for a group booking. Please call Charlotte on 07956 144239 or email


By arrangement. Days, evenings and some weekends are available. 

Bespoke courses to a group or tailored one to one courses can be delivered at your workplace or location are available.

To book a place or find out more about our other Social Media courses and Personal Branding courses call Charlotte on 07956 144239 or email

* Links to the statistics:

  1. 1.94 billion monthly active Facebook users
  2. 319 million monthly active Twitter users
  3. 700 million Instagram
  4. 100 million new Instagram users
  5. 467 million LinkedIn


Charlotte Jane Grimaldi Phillips, MD at What is your story? a marketing communications and content and training agency. Charlotte has over 20 years of corporate marketing and digital marketing experience. She is a member of CIPR (MCIPR) and CPD. This course is in the process of being CPD accredited. Connect with Charlotte on LinkedIn

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